Mutual Joys of Trading with MJT



Since its establishment, MJT, a trading company specializing in commercial vehicles, has been active with the motto of mutual trust and mutual prosperity with stakeholders. In 2022, we will collaborate with overseas countries that to carbon neutrality to promote the ispread of electric commercial vehicles (EV trucks).

Corporate Philosophy (Mission)

~The sun will rise again~

We will steadily overcome the challenges in front of us in order to make the most of the opportunities that are to come, without being overwhelmed by any hardships. We aim to create new value with an eye on the future, and carry out our business with curiosity and a sense of speed.

Miyawaki Koen (Book) 《 Sunrise ( Sun rises again) 》 
Kouen Miyawaki “Sun rises”

Company Outlook

Trade name

MJT Co., Ltd.

English name

MJT Co., Ltd.

Established March 1984
Capital 25 million yen
Fiscal year January – December


Chairman Sadao Hatori
President Kenkichi Kawakami


5-29-22-411 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014

phone 03-5445-3803
FAX 03-5445-1778
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Business items / industries

Buying and selling new and used cars and import / export
Handling permit Tokyo antique dealer permit  No. 301092007246

MJT Co. , Ltd. 
5-29-22 Shiba , Minato-ku , Tokyo 108 -0014

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